Louie Doberman


I got Louie the end of October, 2008, from a breeder who wanted money by producing puppies, he was three months old born 07/26/08. He has variable problems with his health and temperament. He was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia in August of 2009. He also is started going bald around May of 2009, he has had numerous test done including thyroid testing and several skin scrapes and still nothing has been found. That’s okay though because he is a good, loyal, smart, and affectionate Doberman, who is overcoming his genetic faults daily. Our mission is to show people that Dobermans are friendly dogs; they are sweet caring creatures who just want to be loved on. We also try to educate people where to get their dogs, not from backyard breeders but from reputable breeders who temperament tests the parents as well health testing parents before breeding. Doing this will not completely eliminate all issues with the puppies but can help foresee problems that may occur. Louie has shown that he is an ambassador of the breed that has helped change people’s perceptions about the Doberman breed.

Louie cozy with the fireplace and his new bed. 12.26.09

Louie's bed came in a few weeks ago, I ended up ordereing it from costco. I like it, and Louie LOVES it. He'll sneak off and go in the room and lay in it.

Oh, I also added some pictures of him laying by the fire, nice and warm. I wish the fireplace was lower to the ground so he get closer to it. Oh well.

And - our lighting in our room is like a single 40 watt bulb, I keep forgetting to get higher watts at the store, lol. So - a few came out a little dark.


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Unknown said...

Hi There Chris and Katie! I came across your page and would love if you could join us at our Doberman Meetups! We host a monthly meet up and post the info on our Facebook page(Dobies of Dallas) Hope to meet you two!

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