Louie Doberman


I got Louie the end of October, 2008, from a breeder who wanted money by producing puppies, he was three months old born 07/26/08. He has variable problems with his health and temperament. He was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia in August of 2009. He also is started going bald around May of 2009, he has had numerous test done including thyroid testing and several skin scrapes and still nothing has been found. That’s okay though because he is a good, loyal, smart, and affectionate Doberman, who is overcoming his genetic faults daily. Our mission is to show people that Dobermans are friendly dogs; they are sweet caring creatures who just want to be loved on. We also try to educate people where to get their dogs, not from backyard breeders but from reputable breeders who temperament tests the parents as well health testing parents before breeding. Doing this will not completely eliminate all issues with the puppies but can help foresee problems that may occur. Louie has shown that he is an ambassador of the breed that has helped change people’s perceptions about the Doberman breed.

Louie cozy with the fireplace and his new bed. 12.26.09

Louie's bed came in a few weeks ago, I ended up ordereing it from costco. I like it, and Louie LOVES it. He'll sneak off and go in the room and lay in it.

Oh, I also added some pictures of him laying by the fire, nice and warm. I wish the fireplace was lower to the ground so he get closer to it. Oh well.

And - our lighting in our room is like a single 40 watt bulb, I keep forgetting to get higher watts at the store, lol. So - a few came out a little dark.

Snowed yesterday, 12.25.09

I haven't ever seen so much snow in Texas! I can't decide whether I like it, not not. I think I like the snow when I'm inside, I dislike the cold. I guess the dog doesn't fall too far from the tree, because Louie wasn't too pleased he had to go in it. Last year it iced, but that's it.

I tried to get the boy all amped up to go outside, yelling "ready, ready...READY!?" Scooby fell for it, but he loves new things. Scooby went absulutly nuts in the snow, which is very him. Louie on the other hand, sat, right there at the door his eyes were screaming, "Make me!" So...I left it alone, went back ten minutes later with a treat, got them all amped up again, Scooby, again fell for it. Louie not so much, I through the treat, and he just sat there looking at me, "I said, make me."

An hour goes by, I know he's got to pee, I mean it snowed all yesterday and all night. He hasn't gone out once it maybe 14+ hours. So I sucked it up got my warmest clothes on, and walked out side ignoring Louie. Ofcourse he is going to follow me. He follows me EVERYWHERE.

So once he got in the snow he seemed very confused. When he walked across this white fluffly stuff he'd lift his legs up REALLY high, like "Ugh what the heck is this stuff!?" Then he pranced in it a little, then he tasted it. I was taking pictures of both dogs in it, because this is such a rare thing to see. I took a picture of Scooby chasing a squirell, and I went to take a quick shop of Louie, I looked back, the door was open, and he was sitting inside watching me, "like, ya, your nuts, it's cold out there." I know I didn't leave the door open, he knows how to open regular doors with door knobs, but has he seriously learned how to learn how to open sliding glass? Is this possible?

Anywho, I'm glad it snowed, we still have little patches of it here and there.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Another day at the preserve...12.23.09

We went out for a short hike today, he had a blast. Louie has gotten so well with offleash hiking. He doesn't ever go farther than 30 or so feet, and once he's gone too far he'll wait for me. Love my little ninkumpoop. :)

We were hoping to see a rabbit, bird, coyote, squirell, SOMETHING, but nope. Didn't see anything, we're going back out tomorrow afternoon so...hopefully we'll see something.

Maybe the little animals have learned not to come close to Lou because they will for sure be chased :)

Merry Christmas, from your's truly, Louie. 12.7.09

Went to see Santa today at the mall. He had a complet meltdown, panting, shaking complete scene. Oh well. I thought he would be terrified of Santa, but nope wasn't at all. Climbed right up there with him for a picture.

Louie got his Jammies in! 11.30.09

Louie got them in today. This dog loves his pictures taken. He jumped on the couch after playing a bit outside and just stayed there for me to take pictures of him. He is a hoot! Oh and to all those nail freaks out there, I've been working very diligently on his nails. They look a lot better, before I got my dremel he was going to the groomer every 2 weeks. Now, I am dremeling his nails every couple days now, and they look so much better.

Arbor Hills w/ backpack 11.22.09

So, Louie and I went to the nature preserve again. I decided to test out his new Ruffwear Aproach backpack I got on Thursday before he got sick. He loves it,  I love it. It is waterproof, which is awesome.  Since he isn't quite old enough to put any real weight in there I just put two little waters which didn't even amount to one regular bottle water, poop bags, and my keys and cell phone (which I put into a plastic zip lock back just in case it wasn't really waterproof.) First thing he did was jump in the water, go figure, my awesome water doberman. As soon as he got out of the water I checked to see anything was wet, nope everything is still dry!! woo hoo! So we walked for a good hour and twenty minutes, mostly on pavement because it recently rained and the unpaved trails were muddy.

Several couples asked why he was wearing it? I simply told them, I was trying to build up muscle on his legs but he wasn't old enough for weight so it's pretty much empty right now, but come January 28th he'll get more duties. :)

Passed the CGC test 11.21.09

I wasn't going to take him since he hasn't been feeling well. But after he pooped (If your lost, look at our previous thread) he was ready to go and was back to hiself. We went for a hike for an hour and half or so, and he was doing well the entire hike, so I thought we'd atleast try for the CGC. I didn't think he'd pass since he hadn't been feeling good, even though he is now, and I was forsure thinking he was going to pass the distraction test (because it's a noise distraction) and wimper and totally melt down when I left the room.

HE DID GREAT, so good, they used him for the other dog's test. The noise distraction was a suprise. The evaluator threw several ice trays (no ice) behind him and infront of him and he stayed in a sit and just looked at them, didn't cowar (sp?) or anything. Leaving him was suprising. I'll say he cried during the enture 9 steps previous to this, he is the BIGGEST talker. He talks in the car, when were hiking, walking, in the house. Well when I left out the room, yes he whined a little bit at first but wasn't his abnormal self.

I'm so suprised and proud of him :)

He is now Louie CGC
I still need a ILP name.....