Louie Doberman


I got Louie the end of October, 2008, from a breeder who wanted money by producing puppies, he was three months old born 07/26/08. He has variable problems with his health and temperament. He was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia in August of 2009. He also is started going bald around May of 2009, he has had numerous test done including thyroid testing and several skin scrapes and still nothing has been found. That’s okay though because he is a good, loyal, smart, and affectionate Doberman, who is overcoming his genetic faults daily. Our mission is to show people that Dobermans are friendly dogs; they are sweet caring creatures who just want to be loved on. We also try to educate people where to get their dogs, not from backyard breeders but from reputable breeders who temperament tests the parents as well health testing parents before breeding. Doing this will not completely eliminate all issues with the puppies but can help foresee problems that may occur. Louie has shown that he is an ambassador of the breed that has helped change people’s perceptions about the Doberman breed.

Our trip to Arbor Hills 11.14.09

So Louie and I headed out about 9AM to thee Arbor Hills Nature Preserve here in our home city. It is is a 200 acre park with tons of off pavement + paved trails. Several creeks run through with many different wild animals. We had a blast got home around 1230 or so. Louie is sleeping right now.

I want to recommend this park to everyone in the DFW area it is DEFINANTLY worth the trip: http://plano.gov/Departments/parksandrecreation/Parks/Pages/default.aspx

My dog still amazes me how smart he is. In the first creek we found we walked along the bank, I accidentally dropped the compact flexi lead, and the entire thing went swimming under water. All I said was "Ah crap." As soon as I said that, Louie stuck his head in the water, retrieved the compact/handle part of the flexi from the bottom of the creek (maybe 1.5 feet deep) and brought the handle to me. I was in shock, my guy is so stinkin' smart.

About 1/3 through our trip we saw a dog from Dee's Dobe Den (http://www.deesdobermans.com/) . The dog was really sweet, only about 3 months older than Louie. He was way over sized (132 lbs towering over my guy) but I was happy to see the owner out and about with a good temperament Doberman.Anyways, I took over 52 pictures. Um, erm, and I'm SHARING THEM ALL!


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